Bridging the gap with better broadband near Andrews, NC


Prior to 2003, the tri-state Appalachian region had access to a rural network that was not designed for mission critical application. A research study conducted by Southwestern Community College identified the need for a high speed, dependable network to support hospitals, state and county government, data centers and economic development, all of which had critical, or more importantly, life-threatening applications.

The rural, mountainous area was so challenging with regard to setting up the infrastructure for such a network, that other providers could not, or would not, pursue the mission. They were instead building fiber around the mountains, increasing the distance between end points, inducing more latency, and often times, on network spurs that could not provide redundancy.

At the same time, the area's growing industries and bandwidth-deprived population needed solutions for both every-day and mission-critical applications.

Could a 21st-century fiber network and supporting carrier-grade infrastructure be built over the Appalachians to provide fast, high-quality, reliable network solutions?

To Drake Enterprises and the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians, a world class fiber network was paramount to their business future. The two forged a partnership in 2003 to answer that need by founding BalsamWest – provider of the highest grade fiber-optic broadband service available. BalsamWest constructed over 400 miles of underground fiber, in a ringed topology, designed to be available 99.999 percent of the time on the backbone fiber.

Today, BalsamWest continues to add infrastructure, bringing fiber-optic technology to carriers, data centers, businesses and communities across the region. We only use superior, commercial-grade equipment and software, ensuring the highest possible quality. Our local staff and support teams are highly trained, technically skilled, and available 24/7/365.

We offer superior services backed by quality that starts with the design of our network and continues through to our customer support.

Always striving for the very best means we're keeping our vision on the future of the industry, ensuring economic growth for the region and our customers.


Best-in-Class Engineering

Instead of upgrading an out-of-date, legacy, voice-centric network, we custom built a 21st century, future-proof, data-centric network from the ground up. And we use only best-of-breed technology and processes.

Best-in-Class Service

Milliseconds can mean millions of dollars lost or earned. Our direct access and low-latency fiber infrastructure delivers ultra-high performance and reliability for all your mission-critical needs.

Best-in-Class Support

Who stands behind BalsamWest? We do. A local company that goes the extra mile to deliver the services you need, provided by highly trained, technically skilled staff and support teams.

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