A better network for the road ahead near Cherokee, NC

Business best-in-class is right here.

Your network is the life-line of your business. It should enhance and support what you do, with faster service that positively affects your bottom line.

We understand that you need tools to serve you at a big-business level, without the big-business feel. That's where we come in–your trusted, local source for fast, reliable, and superior quality services.

Our Internet, Data, and HD Voice & Video services are simple to manage, fully customizable and future-proof – everything you need your business tools to be.


Simplicity. Access and manage voicemail, faxes, emails, contacts and calendars in one Web-based location.

Savings. Reduce operating expenses, travel and training costs.

Flexibility. Customizable, feature-rich services grow with your business.

Convenience. Over 100 digital voice calling features such as Find Me/Follow Me, Remote Office and Unified Messaging.

Reliability and Support. Secure, reliable performance – always, and local support from our Network Operations Center 24/7/365.

Best-in-Class Engineering

Instead of upgrading an out-of-date, legacy, voice-centric network, we custom built a 21st century, future-proof, data-centric network from the ground up. And we use only best-of-breed technology and processes.

Best-in-Class Service

Milliseconds can mean millions of dollars lost or earned. Our direct access and low-latency fiber infrastructure delivers ultra-high performance and reliability for all your mission-critical needs.

Best-in-Class Support

Who stands behind BalsamWest? We do. A local company that goes the extra mile to deliver the services you need, provided by highly trained, technically skilled staff and support teams.

Reliable Local Support - Network Operations