Limitless connectivity within reach near Bryson City, NC

Carrier best-in-class is right here.

This is the fiber network no one wanted to build; underground fiber, cut through rock and bored through granite, traversing some of the most rugged terrain in the U.S. Our in-ground fiber network, spanning the Appalachians forms a natural HUB for Carriers going East, West, North or South.

If you are looking for SONET, IP, Waves or Fiber, BalsamWest is strategically located to provide you with dependable, redundant capacity. Visit our Map to see how our network topology can help you build a higher degree of dependability into your network.

Instead of upgrading an out-of-date, over-stretched, voice-centric legacy system, we custom built our fiber network from the ground up, allowing for a future-proof, data-centric network. We use proven Carrier Grade electronics and best-of-breed technology and processes to deliver Ethernet, MPLS, SONET, Wave and Collocation solutions.

We Offer:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Internet capacity
  • Fully redundant transport
  • Low latency routes

Best-in-Class Service

Milliseconds can mean millions of dollars lost or earned. Our direct access and low-latency fiber infrastructure delivers ultra-high performance and reliability for all your mission-critical needs.

Best-in-Class Support

Who stands behind BalsamWest? We do. A local company that goes the extra mile to deliver the services you need, provided by highly trained, technically skilled staff and support teams.

Balsam West Competitive-advantage